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Meagan Cignoli directs and produces short form videos for the world’s leading brands. With the introduction of Vine and Instagram Video, she helped pioneer a new industry within social media and advertising, setting the standard for six and 15 second branded videos. She won a Cannes Lion Award for the Lowe’s #fixitinsix Vine campaign and was a runner up for the Tribeca Film Festival Six Second Film Competition.

Meagan Cignoli started creating videos on Vine at it’s infancy and quickly amassed a highly engaged and dedicated following of over 500K users on Vine and another 100K across her other social media channels. Her personal Vine work quickly attracted the attention of house-hold brands and agencies, and she has produced Vine, Instagram and high res video campaigns for over 70 brands.

Meagan Cignoli’s Videos have been featured in over 30 major publications and news outlets, including Time Magazine, Ad Age, Fast Company, New York Times, Forbes, Business Insider, and CBS, naming her a leader in the video advertising space. She was also featured in a PBS documentary as an expert in stop motion.

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