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Founded in 2006, Media 13 has emerged as a leading creator and producer of compelling content across four landscapes: Narrative Filmmaking,, Broadcast Television, Long Form Factual Programming and Live Events.

The Media 13 team, led by founder and CEO King Hollis, has enjoyed success across each platforms. From nationally syndicated shows like the “The Split’ and The River” to the acclaimed sports documentary “History of the Red River Rivalry,’ to the feature length motion picture, “Pearl,” the company’s mission is to create a distinct and compelling vision for the future of creative content. In 2010, Media 13’s programming in support of the BCS National Championship Game was broadcast in 121M U.S. households.

With long-established relationships with television and theatrical motion picture distributors, advertising agencies and major global companies (Texas Instruments, Bell Helicopter, American Airlines, The University of Texas) the Media 13 nexus of influence has the capacity to find multi-platform solutions for any project.

The power of moving images is the lingua franca of visual storytelling. Media 13 harnesses this power to orchestrate the development, production and distribution of quality content crafted to deeply touch viewers at an emotional level.

Media 13: Shaping the Future of Creative Content.


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