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We're a creative group of content producers that run an award-winning Video Marketing, Television & Photography studio. We love to inspire and be inspired.

We operate in an awesome 8,000 SF converted industrial building in Framingham. Our studio is custom built – by us – to stimulate our creativity, streamline our workflow and maximize our output.

We love it here, and we know you will too.

Our post production includes seven Avid Media Composer systems – four of which are client suites – two Adobe Full Creative Suites and three graphics stations.

Our in-house production includes a 30ft x 30ft dedicated shooting space, a combination of Arri, Lowell and Mole Richardson lighting kits, an array of microphones and recording devices for every situation, and the latest and greatest in HD camera equipment from SONY broadcast cameras to Cannon DSLR’s that all tie in nicely to our 2 4K mobile broadcast switchers.

Need to work while the talent is on set? Put your feet up and relax by our Koi pond and enjoy a pint of Jack’s Abby on draft. Or if you need a boost, Nick or Paul will make you the best latte in South Framingham, and maybe even the world.

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