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  1. Artist Live

    28 videos

  2. BlackMagic Design's ATEM 2 ME Production Studio 4K

    1 video

    Framingham, MA – MediaBoss Television, a Boston video production company, announces the addition of BlackMagic’s ATEM 2 ME Production Studio 4K to their equipment roster. “The ATEM 2 Production Studio is a powerful piece of hardware, now we can Record 4k video with 20 inputs,”…

  3. Save MA Film Jobs

    1 video

    Think that the MA Film Tax Incentive only benefits Hollywood? Think again. MA is home to some 4,500 working industry professionals. Dave Waller founded Brickyard VFX in 1999 because he didn't believe he should have to move out of Boston to do the quality and caliber of work he wanted to accomplish…

  4. Live Event Production

    9 videos

    We have over 20 years of Live Music Production experience and it's honestly one of the things we enjoy doing most. Our Creative Director produced 254 episodes of live music television programming in the late 90s/early 2000s and parlayed this experience into music video production for Universal,…

  5. ReWalk Robotics MediaBoss TV Portfolio

    5 videos

    A small collection of work that we have done, to show our wide range of production experience.

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