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Media Haus Productions is an established media company based in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. The founder of the company Stephen Rae (Australian), an independent filmmaker, has been producing films for over twelve years in Papua New Guinea. Stephen films, photographs, interviews, script writer, Video editor and director/ producer on all Media Haus Productions. Media Haus began three years ago creating documentaries for NGOs, Cultural events and Development companies. With a client list being, Digicel Telecommunications, IFC (The World Bank), Law and Justice Sector, PNG Sustainable Development, Rotarians Against Malaria, The Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce, Kundu 2 Sports Coverage, NBPOL, plus... MHP has created three TV series, Wokabaut PNG which looks at the Customs Cultures and Traditions of PNG, the YLM Report, (Yumi Lukautim Mosbi), which has aired not only in PNG, but 14 nations around the Pacific. All YLM Videos can be seen on the YLM website, the other working in-conjunction with EMTV as Director/ editor on the Mind Your Business program.
Prior Stephen Rae spent 9 years, travelling throughout PNG, Solomon Islands and West Papua, filming musicians and capturing their stories and creating their music clips. Being the Producer for over a 1000 TV music shows and documentaries for CHM Studios, that aired on EMTV, Kundu 2, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and into Briz 31 in Australia. Plus created PNG's first cable channel on Hitron that featured all PNG and South Pacific content seven days a week under the name "Rait Music".
Stephen is an accomplished Commercial Photographer, covering Cultural Events, Corporate Photography both in the studio and on-location. Contact Stephen Rae locally on Ph 71818260, country code 675 if International, email


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