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About MediaMansion

Media Mansion is a strategic media production company that develops and produces television series in the factual entertainment genre aimed at digital platforms and social forums.
We develop, finance and produce subject-oriented infotainment, i.e. "Factual Entertainment web TV" and through sponsorship, we find strategic online media exposure to our customers and clients.

We provide companies and organizations with strategic storytelling by transforming their core values to "scripted reality" web TV series. Media Mansion creates opportunities for socially committed organizations and companies and offers strategic online branded content media exposure.

Media Mansion strongly believes in "Do good", and we package strategic storytelling with good values and role models for strong appeal. Media Mansion develops concepts that simultaneously convey the company’s core values and nonprofit organizations messages and actions. We develop them into new, meaningful entertainment formats where online audiences can actively participate to contribute to the "social good" and where there is opportunity to actively engage in the business "just a click away".

The final product is informative engaging, entertaining web -based television series distributed on digital platforms, play channels and on social forums. Our goal is that every TV series should be a strategic target based, audience participative, interactive production that receives high rating, shares and click views,
and stand out as comparative to productions on traditional TV – at least.
We always follow up and analyze our productions.

Media Mansion believes in being where the online audience are. Media Mansion also believes in increasing the variety of content offered to the TV industry, and offer packaged meaningful content where reality based web television series will be just as good as any other type of entertainment.

Media Mansion work with ad-funded productions with the network conditions in terms of production costs, distribution methods and what the audience is ready to embrace.
“By touching their hearts – we can change their minds”


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