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About the owner of Futureline Media,
Mark Hildebrandt.

See also for more productions.

*4 years design education in Copenhagen Denmark honored with medal
*Earned certificate at New York University summer 2009 in Intensive Editing for video
*Certificate and completion of Travel Channel Academy Digital Filmmaking Bootcamp New York
*Art director and graphic designer for several weekly and monthly magazine in Denmark and Norway since 1997
*Fulltime journalist on a local newspaper before taking 4 years design education.
* Courses hosted by Norwegian Journalist Fedration, december 2010 about increasing efficiency in writing and coming up, march 2011, in interview technique.
*Radio host/Sports editor on 2 radiostations. One non-commercial (1992), one commercial (1996)

Membership of
Danish Journalist Federation (Broadcasting group and editorial design) affiliated to
International Federation of Journalists
Delivering full-service productions.
Networks of journalists and stylists.

Producer, editing, VOs, scripting, after effects/titling work.

Broadcast equipment from 2 pcs. Sony (HVR-V1E) with HDR 60GB, wideangle lens. 1 pcs Sony HDR1000
Steadicam Pilot with arm.
Canon 7D
Canon 10-22 mm
Blackmagic Television Studio ®
Wirecats 5 Pro
LastoLite HiLite for highlight television and photo.
Sennheiser wireless audio equipment, lavailier and handheld mic, 2 pcs.
Recorder Zoom H4
T-Bone + boom
Report lightning LED Microbeam
Libec tripod with Sony zoomhandle
Macbook Pro 17"/8 gb memory
Final Cut Pro X, Adobe CC After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere etc.
Avid Media Composer (just basic knowledge in this program)

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