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  1. 25:08


    by mediateletipos

    1 Video

    Encuentro Internacional de Creación. Lucena-Córdoba. Spain

  2. 23:07

    Sónar 2007

    by mediateletipos

    15 Videos

  3. 16:42

    STRP 07

    by mediateletipos

    14 Videos

    STRP Festival, Eindhoven

  4. 01:07:08

    Sonic Acts XII

    by mediateletipos

    17 Videos

    Sonic Acts XII - The Cinematic Experience 21-24 February 2008 - Amsterdam, NL

  5. 27:35

    Ars Electronica 2008

    by mediateletipos

    13 Videos

    Ars Electronica Festival 3-9 September 2008 Linz, Austria

  6. 16:09

    Tuned City 2008

    by mediateletipos

    5 Videos

    Tuned City - Between sound and space speculation is an exhibition and conference project planned for July 01.-05. 2008 in Berlin which proposes a new evaluation of architectural spaces from the perspective…

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