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Medilaw.TV - comprehensive medical legal animations for expert testimony. By doctors for doctors. Fast, easy, inexpensive.
Medilaw.TV provides a growing library of hundreds of medical and surgical audio-visual animations presenting normal anatomy, injury/disease processes, pain management procedures and surgical techniques. These movies have been made by practicing doctors for use by doctors.

Ideal for medico-legal work, these animations are delivered via the internet for communication with legal clients and insurance company negotiators during mediation. The videos can also be downloaded and prepared for use during expert testimony at trial. Key medical concepts are quickly and concisely communicated, with improved viewer comprehension by illustrating testimony and creating a more authoritative and professional presentation. Each animation is customized with the client's name and is available within one day of request.
The use of computer animation during mediation and in the courtroom is an extremely effective instructional tool that presents an engaging yet simple visual presentation of complex anatomy, pathology and surgical technique. It can be used to provide a demonstrative illustration of expert testimony.
Medilaw.TV provides a fast, easy, inexpensive service which assists lawyers to demonstrate to clients, insurance company negotiators and mediators, judges and jurors, the normal anatomy, the disease process and the surgical or pain management procedure performed on your medical malpractice client. This leads to a more authorative and professional presentation, with improved comprehension and a more powerful effect upon the viewer.
Medilaw.TV uses customized audio-visual medical and surgical 3D animations especially produced for medico-legal work, delivered over the internet, for lawyers to use during their mediation with insurers, and in their courtroom presentations to jurors. The use of our state of the art audio-visual animations allows better understanding in a shorter time of key medical concepts, and provides a higher impact, more powerful presentation. Each movie is customized with the client's name, and is available within one day of request.
The animation library has hundreds of movies explaining normal anatomy, pathology, surgical techniques and pain management techniques. New movies are continually being added.
Movies can be delivered to you in two formats:
1. as a streaming download, in a small window on a web browser page, at a small cost per view. This requires an active internet connection at the time of downloading and viewing. This option is great for including the movie's URL in emails, documents, phone conversations, etc.
2. as a downloaded movie file, in a large window, onto your computer. There is a fixed cost per download, varying depending upon the movie complexity and file size. This option only requires an active internet connection at the time of downloading. The movie can be replayed as often as necessary and copied to other devices at no extra charge. This option is great for negotiation, mediation and trial presentations.
To find out more, go to medilaw.TV.

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