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  1. 01:35:15

    A Contemplative Response to Austerity

    by Meditatio

    2 Videos

    Teesside University, Middlesbrough on 13 July 2016 Part I: Anglican Bishop of Whitby, The Rt Revd Paul Ferguson opening the Conference before Laurence's key note speech closely followed by…

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  3. 44:34

    Contemplative Medicine with Dr. Peter J. Smith at Georgetown University

    by Meditatio

    2 Videos

    Contemplative Medicine with Dr. Peter J. Smith (Dean-UNSW Medical School and President-Medical Deans of AUS and NZ) at Georgetown University.Thursday, April 16, 2015 Videos - Lecture on Contemplative…

  4. 51:08


    by Meditatio

    0 Videos

  5. 04:24:43

    Hope for the Future: Meditation in Schools

    by Meditatio

    11 Videos

    The Meditatio Seminar “Hope for the Future: Meditation in Schools”, was held at Heythrop College, London on 29 June 2016. The Seminar was fully booked with over 200 participants from education…

  6. 05:54:59

    Laurence Freeman: The Eight Big Problems of Life

    by Meditatio

    4 Videos

    In this series of talks Laurence Freeman will draw on the wisdom of the early desert teachers who combined deep spiritual wisdom with sharp psychological insight. His approach, like theirs, confronts…

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  8. 04:00:12

    Meditatio Seminar: Spirituality in a Secular Society

    by Meditatio

    6 Videos

    11-12.5.2016, Prague, the Czech Republic Faculty of Arts, Charles University

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