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You know that feeling when your aeroplane seat jolts beneath you, rattling the ice in your third beer and you notice the aircrew in collusion that something is very wrong.

Upon refocusing, you realise the letters in your alphabet soup spell out meet me in the restroom and you look up to be signalled a confident wink from the minxy air hostess who gave it to you...

A few moments later, as she slips through the door joining you inside the bathroom, she slowly and smoothly reaches down her chest withdrawing a hand grenade, then pulls out the pin with her teeth...

Now you're in a fix. Medusa won't lie to you.

If it's reassurance or validation you're after, you're in the wrong place. You're on your own.

After recording the raucous, 80's inspired self-titled debut album in late 2006, a matter of weeks after forming, singer/guitarist Julian Molinero's band of rock 'n' roll lunatics took to the streets of the UK for a series of live dates across the country's music venues.

Julian then began piecing together ideas for the lengthier second album Can't Fucking Win and recording began in late February 2009, with a new refined sound and 360 degree sonic scope, while still maintaining the same vitriolic power and stark honesty. The album was completed in December 2010 and released in eary 2011, compiled and featuring production by Romesh Dodangoda, shortly after he had finished recording with Motorhead.

In 2011, the band was relocated from Northern England to London and after releasing 3 music videos to songs from Can't Fucking Win, a new incarnation of the band entered Regal House Studio in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire in 2014 to record the 3rd album Headcase's Handbook with producer Lee Batiuk.

The album was released in October 2014 and more exciting things are on the way...


“his guests, rock band Medusa, stopped at a field on the way, stole a goat and sneaked it into his dressing room where it ATE his clothes and POOED in his shoes” The Sun

“Julian Molinero has more attitude than a hound with a postman in his mouth” Rock Pulse

“Totally blown away. All the tracks make us just wanna create havoc and chaos. The guitar licks are raw, edgy and full of energy. So good that they make hecklerspray want to strap on air guitars and rock out all night long. That's why Medusa dick on the Towers Of London”

“I'm really honoured and pleased to listen and feature Medusa. You're So Lucid almost brings a tear to my eye. Honestly. Medusa takes me back to my youth. I am really pleased to be listening to them at the moment” Rodrigo de Sá - Recharged Radio

“This band is fantastic” Adam Howes - Frequency Radio

“The only thing that would make this band even more awesome? Hookers...” Jay Anthony Franke [Jake Sommers - California Dreams]

“Get yer hair cut!” Paul Di'Anno - Iron Maiden


  1. Kirsty Eyre
  2. Adam Simcox