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    by Booooooom

    18K Videos 6,191 Members

    ***UPDATE*** Please submit your work through this link: https://tv.booooooom.com/submit/ Selected videos will be posted on our site https://tv.booooooom.com/ and shared on our official Vimeo channel: http://vimeo.com/channels/booooooom

  2. Brooklyn Filmmakers

    by Bei Filmhouse

    4,081 Videos 1,686 Members

    Artists in Brooklyn who are interested in the film and art scene of our area. Post your videos Share ideas Plan meet-ups or collaborations Go shoot !

  3. Dance on Camera

    by Ludovic Jolivet

    5,209 Videos 1,567 Members

    This group is for dancers, choreographer, videographers, and other artists interested in video to give a new dimension to dance.

  4. Documentaries

    by D&W

    15.4K Videos 5,002 Members

    For all independent film Directors and Producers

  5. Documentaries

    by TeeJay

    5,003 Videos 2,414 Members

    Documentary film is a broad category of visual expression that is based on the attempt, in one fashion or another, to "document" reality. Although "documentary film" originally…

  6. Documentary

    by Scott Slone

    21K Videos 6,903 Members

    Share your long or short documentary in full or promote your reel.

  7. Experimental Space

    by Eduard Haiman

    1,421 Videos 2,690 Members

    Experimental architectural spaces, landscape, interior, lounge, area, art-space, virtual space. Experiments with environment, movement, function, technology, visual characteristics, forms, interactions.…

  8. Letus 35mm Adapters!

    by Sean Cruser

    1,298 Videos 429 Members

    For anyone who uses or just loves the wonderful little devices by Letus!

  9. Letus Lounge

    by Maarten Toner

    3,588 Videos 1,375 Members

    All things Letus and cool. A group to put all funky Letus related videos. Did one get overlooked? Sign up and ADD! Please ONLY add videos shot with any type of Letus adapter, this is the place…


    by Miguel Pessoa Vidal

    39.3K Videos 10.7K Members

    This is a group for directors to show there latest work, Short films / Music Video's / Fashion Films / Virals.

  11. Occupy Wall Street

    by Gemini Ferrie

    139 Videos 45 Members

  12. screendance

    by shortly

    2,146 Videos 894 Members

    please add any clips that you feel fall under the category of screendance. you must join the group to add films. "screendance is the term used to describe dance works made for, or presented…

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