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Bakersfield, CA

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Graphic Designer, Musician, Orthodox Christian


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  5. Shane Hurlbut, ASC
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  1. As you rightly state, evangelion comes from the same root as evangelism, so why say 'yoo' instead of 'ev'? It is the same root, pronounced the same.
  2. At :42 there is the same green fire as the official db promo ad with the marshmallows...Does anyone know why?
  3. WOAH the green flame on the marshmallow makes me think the marshmallow is not consumable. WARNING: DO NOT EAT MARSHMALLOWS THAT SPEW GREEN FLAMES.
  4. Wow I could almost swear that was a Droge Summers Blend track until I saw the credit. Nice choice of grade and soundtrack!
  5. Thanks for the trial of this camera in a doc setting! I'm suspecting that the opening interior shot is with the Canon TV-16? I've noticed lots of chromatic aberration with that lens in other people's footage, as well.
  6. Crazy ghosting/banding in the sky, and a wild magenta stripe in the grass at 2:29