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A brand NEW revolutionary Family sitcom about a British-African Family living in the London. In a entertaining way it deals with how a larger than life Dad struggles to instill his old fashion African values in his British household.

Prepare yourself for the first of its kind, a feel-good upbeat scripted sitcom which shows a British African family in a
fashion which is sure to entertain the whole family!!!

Our TV household will be one of drama, laughs, conflicts, growing up, dreams, relationships, education, religion, acceptance, adapting and most importantly family love!! Perfect primetime family viewing which every family will be able to enjoy!!

Made by MTA Productions LTD. Founded in 2009 MTA Productions LTD is an independent production company which is focused on creating comedy television series and formats. We embrace working against the norm and challenging the status quo. Independent in the true sense of the word we do not rely on broadcasters commissioning our work, rather we develop content that the public want and deliver it to them in a unique way.

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