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New Jersey

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When you want to focus on my hearing, i'm Hard of Hearing. If you ask me what my identity is, I'm Deaf, as in culturally Deaf. I was born into a deaf family and raised with American Sign Language and the Deaf community. I graduated from Gallaudet with two degrees and now am teaching High School kids at a School for the Deaf. I grew up loving music and dancing. It was when i was about 6 years old when I first saw a deaf woman signing Madonna's "Material Girl" that inspired me to this day.

I have translated songs into ASL for more than 10 years, performing at various of events including talent competition, fashion shows, fundraising events, weddings, and more!

I also just began filming ASL song translations and putting them onto DVDs by requests. For more information and pricing, please email me at Even if you have questions or just want to introduce yourself, email me!

Thanks for checking out my videos! :)