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The only magazine of its kind.

Megazine is a (digital) space that simultaneously presents exciting artwork while also experimenting with that artwork’s display and dissemination.

Megazine does not report on art exhibited elsewhere, nor is it an online stand-in for the gallery’s “white cube.” Instead, Megazine’s editors (Loren Kramar, Maren Miller, and Joe Kendall) act as designers, programmers, curators, and fellow artists, working with the contributors to create a thematic whole.

Drawing on our extended community, we seek out original portfolios and collaborative partners in the fields of visual art, fashion, literature, design, music, technology, and any combination thereof. The work and/or its documentation is collected and then represented in an online format: the editorial “feature.”

As an exclusively web-based arts publication, Megazine is constantly updating its format to best exhibit the work of its contributors through experimental design and technology.

Issues are released every other month and use the works of one author as a thematic anchor for all other contributions.

Megazine has an online store and collectors’ newsletter where buyers have the opportunity to purchase original artwork directly. We also host events that share, celebrate, and help to sell the work created by our contributors.

To date, Megazine has featured over 40 artists from around the world.

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