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MEI.collectiv is a visual art and sound design collective (based in San Francisco & France) founded in 2008 in San Francisco by artists Jessica Resmond, & Jorge Bachmann.
Jessica Resmond, Jorge Bachmann, Géraud Bec and Ignacio Valero are currently the active members behind MEI.collectiv's projects. Recent collaborations such as "Water Ritual" (2014) include dancer/choreographer Isak Immanuel, designer Kim Hou and improviser/instrument inventor Bryan Day.
Its members are inspired by a common creative desire to experiment and find a unique mix of sensibilities and skills” As a group, they explore the social, cultural, biopolitical and environmental dimensions of our human interaction with all living things.

Jorge Bachmann (founding member) is a Swiss-Colombian multidisciplinary artist : Sound/Video/Photo/Sculpture. He harvests sounds and visuals like bees collect pollen, focusing on the mundane with an aesthetic of the strange, the unique and the microscopic. His strong myopia plays a critical role as he becomes self-taught photographer, and sculpts wax, metal, to add a sensory dimension to the sound landscapes created. His work has been exhibited internationally in North America, Europe, Japan and Latin America.

Jessica Resmond (founding member) is a French American artist who received her BFA from California College of the Arts, San Francisco. She lives and works in Toulouse, France. Her work includes site specific installations, interactive or multimedia sculptures and experimental collaborations. Resmond’s work is conceptual and sensual. She focuses on the existing tensions between biological rhythms & organisms, in order to better grasp alternatives for our fast paced technological and economically driven global landscape. Borders and boundaries – where exchanges take place, inform her creative process. She has shown her work in the US, Colombia, Indonesia and Europe.

Géraud Bec is a sound artist & sound editor, who currently lives in Paris. He spends his time doing sound design (films, shorts, documentaries and museums) and acousmatic composition. His music is often characterized by contrasting fluctuations between violent sounds and contemplative scapes, inspired by nature phenomena. He won a prize for a Radio France contest with a short sound poem called “First spring”. His music has been played in several contemporary music festivals in France and abroad (U.S.A, Canada, South Korea, Scotland, Chile, Argentina, Spain and Morocco). His current research mainly focuses on creating a “living” musical system.

Ignacio Valero is a current associate professor of Humanities and Sciences at CCA. Ignacio was formerly with the International Center for Environmental Education, CIFCA, and the United Nations environment and development programs UNEP and UNDP.
Ignacio’s current interests include the political economy of the image, consumption, desire, and the society of the spectacle; environment, globalization, and the commons; and the aesthetic, philosophical, and cultural dimensions of “archaic modernity” in science fiction, anime, gender and sexual difference, mass media, and sociopolitical development. He is also interested in understanding practices leading to critical and creative pedagogy, and he is working on a poetry manuscript.

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