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Born in the city and raised in the country, Melanie purchased her first video camera with money saved from picking strawberries and, at age 15, ventured into the world of movie making.

In 2006, at the forefront of the first generation of Youtubers, Melanie was the first talent in Quebec to reach 1 000 000 hits online with a comedic short film entitled, “L’Anti Kamasutra.” It put her on the map and she was then recruited to be part of Jet Films' roster. This marked the beginning of her career as a director in advertising. Very much like Peggy in Mad Men, she worked her way up by creating more than 30 national and international television commercials for name brands such as Pepsi, Danone, Qatar Airways, Nissan and Milk, to name a few.

Her talent for working with actors and creating impressive visual moods eventually led her to works of fiction. She recently created, co-wrote and directed a comedic web series for Vrak television (a Bell Media channel) entitled, “The Interns.” The show follows three determined girls interning at a high-end, cutthroat fashion magazine. She also directed another comedic web series called, “The Christmas Clock is Ticking,” that was officially selected for the Toronto Web Fest and earned a nomination at Quebec's Numix Gala.When she's not busy behind the camera in Montreal, Melanie can be found honing her craft internationally. Every year, she sets out to France to work on a television travel series as director and DOP.

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