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an independent commercial films director

born, raised and based in Cairo, Egypt
his German education exposed him at a very early age to many different cultures
while still staying in touch with his own

having a piano professor as a father and a very passionate art lover as a mother
he was raised to appreciate and understand the beauty and power of art ..
as well as the discipline and dedication it requires to be able to express through it ..

in 2006 Mohamed El Kalawi decided to pursue his dream of standing behind the camera
and calling the shots after being an awarded member of one the most prestigious creative teams and agencies .. Leo Burnett.

since then he has directed and written many spots for local and international clients winning some awards along the way ..
he directed spots all over the region .. for the Egyptian, Lebanese, Saudi, Emirati, Kuwaiti
and Qatari markets and even some for the Turkish, South African, Russian and the Uk markets

Mohamed El Kalawi loves being a versatile director and hates being labeled to a certain genre
or style ..

his passion for the visual storytelling and performance as well as understanding of objectives
and the power of insights and details can clearly be seen in his work

when not directing, writing, daydreaming or finding a way to express himself
or capture his surroundings through an art form ..
you can find him in the red sea scuba diving or kite-surfing.

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