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Hello! We’re Melodeego.

We’ve been playing music together for a long time, but we found our true voice when we met some really amazing people standing up for what they believe in.

It started about four years ago when our friend Zo asked us to perform at a rally for social justice and the environment. We had always cared about these issues, but had never put them together with our music. Once we got on stage and saw how passionate everyone was, we connected with the crowd in a very real and powerful way, and our music came alive with this incredible new energy and meaning.

We dove right in and brought our music to as many rallies, marches, and actions that we could. Our experiences inspired us to write new songs that reflect what our generation is feeling right now: that things need to change and we need to create that change ourselves.

In 2008, We recorded “Embrace Your Energy Revolution” to support the grassroots “Power Vote” movement. We performed at colleges across the east coast, sold out the Black Cat in Washington DC for Power Shift ‘09, and played at rallies from the Massachusetts Statehouse to the South Bronx.

As the movement grew we started picking up momentum. After the BP oil spill, we decided we didn’t want to power our music with fossil fuels. Our friend Sean Stevens designed a Bicycle Powered Sound System so we could let the people at our shows power the music. Our fans got really excited to pedal the system and create clean energy with their own two feet!

This led to some real media attention, including major stories on NPR and CNN, just as we were releasing our new EP “The World Is You.” Since then, we have been getting so much support that we were able to launch our own music company, “Tree Funk Music, LLC.”

Now we have a new record called “Fear Them Not” and we’re really excited! The music is inspired by the recent explosion of grassroots action we’ve been seeing all over. We have joined in whenever possible, bringing our bike powered show to Occupy camps from Vermont to DC, and participated in historic actions like the Tar Sands Action at the White House. Right now we are raising money from our fans for our F#$% Fossil Fuels Tour. We’ll be converting a van to run on waste vegetable oil and building our biggest bike powered system yet!

This new tour is as much about you as it is about us, so we hope you’ll be a part of it! Please get in touch with us and stay connected! See you soon...

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