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As a Missionary Pastor, Worship Leader and Intercessor, the Lord has prepared me to equip and mobilize the Paris region with the body of Christ to impact the nations in the 10/40 window. We plan to start a CFN school in France that will help equip and network God's people more and more into many more nations and peoples of the world that have yet to see the Gospel lived out. (visit for more details.)

Holding a Bachelor of Theological studies from Christ For The Nations Institute, I aspire to serve the Lord and those He sends me to in any way He choses.

In the coming years I aim to advance my studies with a second Bachelor in International Development (this includes International Business and Education (the TESOL degree in this will also equip me to train and teach others on Teaching English Oversees. This would include mobilizing believers for short term projects in the 10/ 40 window with English teaching, while based in France. In this way, the French believer will have a life-changing experience while ministering God's love to nations that desperately thirst for Him.

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  • Missions in France - All about the calling and preparation to start as a full time missionary in France with CFN M.A.P.S. Program


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