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Laura Cetilia
Born and raised on the east side of Los Angeles, Laura Cetilia leads the life of an orchestral and chamber musician, concert presenter, electronic musician, and cello teacher. Upon graduating with distinction from the School of Music at Indiana University, Laura accepted a position with the Graduate String Quartet at Wichita State University, where she received her master's degree in cello performance. She has since performed with various ensembles in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Peru, Italy, and Israel. In 2006, Laura was awarded a two-year fellowship with Community MusicWorks, an organization that provides free instruments and lessons to youth in the West Side of Providence, Rhode Island. Recent performance highlights include a collaboration with Pamela Z in concert with the Robin Cox Ensemble, a performance with the group OXO as part of the Sonic Boom Festival in Vancouver, and performances of Schoenberg's Verklarte Nacht with the Providence String Quartet. She is a member of the electronic music groups Mem1 (with Mark Cetilia) and Substrate (with Jen Boyd, RS-232 and Mark Cetilia) and the duo Suna No Onna (with violist Robin Streb). For the last four years Laura has co-curated the experimental music series, CTRL+ALT+REPEAT, which features performances by local and internationally-recognized performers of experimental electronics and new music. More at: laura.cetilia.org

Mark Cetilia
Mark Cetilia is a media artist who is interested in exploring control systems that are intuitive as well as experimental in nature. A large portion of his work is devoted to creating custom hardware and software for live audio / visual performance. Exploring the possibilities of generative systems in art, design, and sound creation, Cetilia's work frequently employs such strategies as feedback loops and genetic algorithms, and is an exercise in carefully controlled chaos. Mark is a member of the experimental media art group Redux, recipients of a 2006 Creative Capital grant for their Callspace project and the electroacoustic ensemble Mem1, recipients of a 2008 Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Project Grant Award. He received his MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design's Digital + Media department with honors in 2008, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D in computer music and multimedia with Brown University's MEME program.

Cetilia’s work has been screened / installed at such galleries and festivals as Laptopia (Tel-Aviv, Israel), the Sol Koffler gallery (Providence, RI), the Atlantic Center for the Arts (New Smyrna Beach, FL) and SoundWalk (Long Beach, CA). He has performed widely at venues including REDCAT (Disney Hall), the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Issue Project Room (NYC) and Electronic Church (Berlin). He is the co-curator of the Ctrl+Alt+Repeat concert series, which has featured performances by the Penderecki String Quartet, Frances-Marie Uitti, Steve Roden, Damion Romero and Svarte Greiner. With his group Mem1, he has taken part in residencies at STEIM and Kunstenaarslogies in the Netherlands, Harvestworks in New York, and USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway. In 2009, they created a site-specific installation for the Museums of Bat Yam (Israel); their collaborative work with media artists Kadet Kuhne and Liora Belford have been screened and installed at such venues as the Sundance Film Festival, Fringe Exhibitions (Los Angeles), and the Hordaland Kunstsenter (Bergen). Mem1's third album, +1, consisting of collaborations between Mem1 and artists such as Steve Roden, Jan Jelenik, and Frank Bretschneider, was released in 2009 by Interval Recordings. More at: mark.cetilia.org

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