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Memit is a social knowledge management service (both web and mobile) that is built to make people smarter based on the content they collect, process and publish. It is the easiest way to collect and share your articles, pictures, reports, news stories and videos for you, your team and your business.

This unique one-click application works as a viral social network across on- and offline media and cultivates organized, knowledgeable and influential users. For knowledge professionals LinkedIn is connect-ability, but Memit is the content-ability.

Memit in 5 key points

1: Collect and index interesting articles from the web with just one click.
Create specific collections and share this with others

2: Create your own memit profile page and show your knowledge.
Display your collections to your friends and followers.

3: Connect from print to online with the memit mobile app. Scan an article and ad this digitally to your memit profile. Never loose what you’re reading, want to read or want to share.

4: Get the best-curated online content from your friends, colleagues and hero’s.
Stay up to date with their streams and content collections.

5: Embed a collection from memit on to your own webpage.
Place your memit collection as a widget and automatically get the best content specified to your interests.

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