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Welcome. My name is Memo Akten. I’m a visual artist, director, musician, engineer, hacker, mad scientist based in London, UK.

I investigate and visualize the invisible relationships within images, space, movement, sound and time.
I extract and amplify the unseen; exploring and exploiting processes rooted in observation, mathematics and science.
I imagine and create fictitious worlds which share with our own only a select handful of behaviours; otherwise governed by an entirely bespoke set of laws.
I develop and appropriate new technologies; designing systems to invent new ways of creating and performing images and sound.
I’m driven by the urge to make the seemingly impossible, possible; and awaken our childlike instincts to explore and discover new forms of interaction and expression.

I like to touch people, in their most private places, and make them giggle or cry.

Selected exhibitions and performances include Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Royal Festival Hall (London), Queen Elizabeth Hall (London), Creators Project (New York, Sao Paulo, Beijing), Holon Museum (Tel Aviv), Garage Center for Contemporary Culture (Moscow), Sydney Biennale, Design Miami, Aldeburgh Music Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, Mapping Festival (Geneva), Yota Space Festival (St. Petersburg), Glastonbury Festival and more.

I’m on the selection committee of ACM SIGGraph and computational consultant on the Architectural Associations’ Design Research Lab. I also give talks and lectures at international conferences and events.

I work commercially through my company The Mega Super Awesome Visuals Company which I founded in 2007, and Marshmallow Laser Feast which I co-founded in 2011.

Personal projects and artworks:
Commercial work:

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