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Currently in the M.T.S program from University of Dallas. Along with these fellows I have a passion for teaching and contributing in any way possible to the kingdom of God. Some of the future projects with the team (we like to call it "the consortium") are speaking at churches, seminars, camps, college groups as well as possibly doing some writing (curriculum and books). I have served for about two years at Stonebriar Community Church and finished an internship there called the "Thousand Mile Conversation" with Dallas Seminary profs, church leaders and pastor Chuck Swindoll. I also have been in ministry for about twenty years, and one of the highlights was to work on the Spanish version of Intro to Theology from The Theology Program. I have been also involved with Dr. Dave Geisler's Meekness and Truth Ministries. Being there from its inception, I have helped Dave develop some of the initial footwork for his apologetics and evangelism model that will soon be developed into a book.
On another front, I was blessed with receiving a Congressional Commendation from Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson while being a director of membership at the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. People who have influenced me: Max and Ray have been both mentors and brothers to me. Their experience and knowledge have always reminded me that the little that we contribute to the kingdom, tempered by the Holy Spirit and a humble attitude, can take you a long, long way. And of course, my prof and friend Dr. Norman Geisler who besides being one of the best professors I've had, he was the first one to open up his home when I arrived to Charlotte NC (while I was pursuing an apologetics degree at Southern Evangelical Seminary). Having lived with an evangelical thomist legend and a great apologist taught me more about him than any biography could ever describe. That and the fact that he gave me a lot of books while I was there and Ms. Geisler always made sure I ate my veggies every day.

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