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A friend of mine said I make art-instalation films and I like that description.
I haven't formally studied directing but I love holding a camera.
I am a sucker for dogme style but I'll add my name to the credits as director.


  1. Panagiotis Kountouras
  2. George Chorevas
  3. Jeremy Lucido
  4. Bruce Weber
  5. Efi Gousi
  6. Konstantinos Koukoulios
  7. Carolas Cienformas
  8. Kostas Gerampinis
  9. Alkis Papastathopoulos
  10. fani palioura
  11. Giannis Maskidis
  12. Jeremy  Dann-Soury
  13. Thanasis Tsimpinis
  14. Editorial Pocos Libros
  15. maga gr
  16. Konstantinos Flamiatos
  17. Julien Elie Schoener
  18. Nikos Giavropoulos

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