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Having recently received a BFA in Digital Filmmaking from School of Arts, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Meng Chee holds particular interest towards the art of cinematography.

With a belief that cinematography is more then just creating beautiful imageries, he delicately crafts his frames and lightings around the story, carefully building the visuals of the film piece-by-piece, ensuring that he is doing his upmost to create purposeful and appealing images that enhance and expand the narrative beyond.

Meng Chee worked on projects ranging from short films, documentaries, commercials, to music videos and is well versed with a wide variety of recording formats starting from 16mm to the newer high definition digital formats. He also enjoys doing editing work and color correction, as he trust that knowledge in these crafts will train him to be a better cinematographer.

He was among 9 filmmakers from asia selected to participate in the 5th Golden Horse Film Academy.


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