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Many movies have moved me but one in particular moved me to act. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg helped me to understand a deep tragedy in my life; in the views I had adopted. Maybe it helped me to realize the reality of the love that I had so soundly convinced myself was inconceivable, unobtainable, lost. And so, it is a movie about the lost love of my life and the movie that helped me to find him again.
I begin with my “DEPARTURE” (2nd Act) with Guy. In this section of my life, I convinced myself that even the most real love was suspect and could not sustain a relationship. I believed more in logic than in love because I knew that, from my own experience, I had the best love, the truest love, and that it had escaped me. I tried with all my powers of deception to make love compatible with logic. I convinced myself that I could will myself in love. Now I know this is foolishness, but I had to test the idea. I tried to love another man. He was practical, kind, thoughtful, and romantic- potentially a match.
He fell in love with me just as Mr. Cassard fell in love with Genevieve. And I felt that I should love him. But the memory of my Guy never left me, not for one day.
Geneviere is moderately happy because there are other things in her life to love like her daughter. This happiness is part of the deception I told myself while dating Mr. Cassard. Genevieve lives securely, and like life, security provides a livable happiness.
By the “ARRIVAL” (3rd Act) I realized that I too had thrown away, given up on my Guy. Why had I stopped believing in the truly magical love of Act 1?
I was greatly disturbed. The movie shook the logic that was the foundation of my relationship with Mr. Cassard. For the movie does not ask what could have been. It knows the answer. Guy and Genevieve had a love so rare that only a few are blessed to have it, but they chose something practical.
Even after the movie, I was happy with the memory of my Guy. I could not conceive of how we could be together. Now I realize that the tragedy of Guy and Genevieve was almost my tragedy.
I was so close to experiencing the painful moment years in the future when it became impossible to restart our relationship. I would have had to live with that torturous moment when a married Genevieve and encounters Guy for the first time in years. The bittersweet movie shows how they do have happiness but not love.
I learned a great deal about life with Mr. Cassard, but thankfully the movie restored my faith in love. I got a second chance with Guy. This time I was able to make a brilliantly illogical decision- all in the name of love.
And you ask why I love cinema?
~Kristen Gorlitz

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