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We are dedicated to the production of visceral yet engaging Documentary, Narrative and Artistic features and short films.

“As YouTube and digital-video technology collapse the distance between film production and distribution, it’s no surprise that industrious political documentarians are working to condense the processes hampering up-to-date reportage. A case in point is Mental-Rev Productions, a San Francisco-based video cooperative producing eyewitness accounts of oppression and resistance.” – Max Goldberg

Our most recent 60 minute feature length documentary "Struggle" is slated for release fall of 2012 before the next Presidential Election.

The return of Jim Crow politics at the voting polls. Struggle, is a film about what happens in US elections when the forces of racism, classism, corruption, technological manipulation and old fashioned ballot stuffing coalesce to deny Americans their right to vote and steal elections.

Produced by Mental-Rev Productions
with The Free Press
Directed by Roger Hill

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