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Mentor InSight is a media company focused on placing the power of superachievement in the palm of your hand by providing innovative educational tools.

We accomplish our mission and mantra of empowering access to $uccess by offering the
Going Supernova Traits Optimizer, abbreviated as GuSTO, educational tools which are part of the: Tool Kit

The Mentor Tool Kit features:

Step 1: GuSTO Survey
This survey is your own private special self-analysis tool that will allow you to take stock with how close you are today to achieving your life’s legacy. Taking an audit of your traits that I have found predispose superachivement will allow you to see what you are missing and what areas you need to work on to achieve Going Supernova.
You are invited to take this complimentary survey by visiting:

Step 2: Going Supernova: The Bold Paths of 101 Superachievers Book
Once you have audited your predisposition for possessing the Going Supernoave Traits the book enables you to receive inspirational wisdom from superachievers who exemplify these traits. I’ve spent several using developing this book to give you a boost with Going Supernova. To buy and learn more visit:

About Mentorographer Molly Lavik
Molly has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find their true potential and authentic purpose by providing guidance as they transformed their visions into reality. Now, she has taken her own vision to the next level, curating the lessons and insights of 101+ superachievers in this collection of life stories that you too can use, no matter what your goal or past experience may be, to pave your own path to success, happiness and self-fulfillment. She calls the concept Going Supernova because it can help you, too, become one of the brightest stars in the universe!

Step 3: GuSTO Career Coach App
The GuSTO Career Coach app will be available in the Apple App Store beginning September 28, 2014. This app is a companion piece to the book. Now you know which traits to focus on developing further and you have been encouraged, inspired and enlightened by Going Supernova superachievers it’s time to put your plans into action utilizing the GuSTO app. This app enables you to easily connect and interact with sought after advisors who can help you plan, strategize, and stay on track with making your dreams come true. This is done by combining your calendar with those of experienced people who know what it takes to accomplish your goals.
Available for download at the Apple App Store by visiting
Or by visiting the Apple App Store and searching GuSTO Career Coach

Step 4: Superachiever Studio
Step inside this virtual studio offering inspirational and insightful talks via an online webinar platform. These talks feature some of the top superachivers in the universe giving a talk that demystifies what it takes to superachiever!
Learn more at:

Step 5: Superachiever Membership
It turns out that superachivers tend to hang out with other superachievers. This is your opportunity to join a community of on-going support for striving superachievers To join contact:

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