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At Mercersburg Academy, learning is rich, purposeful, and life-changing.

An independent college preparatory school in south-central Pennsylvania, Mercersburg offers a rigorous academic program to 440 boarding and day students from 30 states and 34 countries. Students and faculty work eye to eye and mind to mind in small classes as they deepen their understanding of their subjects—and of themselves.

Outside the classroom, students immerse themselves in theater, sports, music, competitions, and camaraderie. They develop deep friendships, explore new concepts, and push past their limits. Mercersburg is a place of transformation: students transform themselves as they prepare to transform their world.

Mercersburg graduates go on to the nation's top colleges and universities. Our alumni body includes Rhodes scholars, Olympians, and a Nobel laureate. At Mercersburg, students learn to be stronger, more fulfilled, more aware, and more alive.

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