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Merlin Video Ltd.
a subsidiary of
Merlin Publishing copyright 2013
with contributions from
Darn Ron's Video Library
Cube Investment Media Inc.

Created in 2013 Merlin Video Ltd. is a conglomerate of one man, who under penalty of law or citation is in no way liable for the media, source, subject-matter, copyright, density, scent or texture of it's holding. All rights reserved by countless unnamable beneficiaries, who under oath at one time agreed upon set adjustment to bills and tips during, lunches, brunches and dinners. Statue of limitations withholding, digressive insurance in the matters have relinquished monitory cubes as currency to both profitable and non profitable emergencies.
Merlin Video Ltd. in no way supports or condones belief in the occult and the illuminati, under penalty of various activities overseen throughout the day by third party beneficiaries, both living and deceased.
To learn more about Merlin Video Ltd. please visit our pantry and chip shed which reside elsewhere than previously cited under Merlin's Fair Video Trade agreement. All parties viewing Merlin Video Ltd. materials are by law immediate and inconsequential share holders and an exchange of superficial time, is expected but not required by said cube holders and Ron of Darn Ron's Video Library.


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