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LIZ MERMIN’s documentaries explore a variety of subjects - the personality quirks of charismatic Irish Racehorses, culture-clashes between Afghan and American hairdressers, the sociology of the world's best particle physicists, and the relationship between Bollywood, cops, terrorists. She’s made five films for BBC's Storyville strand, and the majority of her films have been released in cinemas in the US or the UK. She's currently directing a strand of short films about the people working at CERN, the particle physics laboratory outside Geneva. She has also directed/produced and edited docs and PSAs for many American broadcasters, and a series of shorts for SONY. She has a BA in literature and an MA in cultural anthropology, and publishes articles about film and current affairs. Mermin’s interest in cinema began when she was living in Senegal as a Fulbright scholar, studying African filmmaking. A former New Yorker, she now lives in London.

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