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Mesh Media LLC is a full-service production company on Maui that specializes in real estate video tours, island video guides, and specialized video marketing services.

Dan O'Brien, owner of Mesh Media LLC, has been working in television production for over 10 years. He began his career in 1997 at KCET-TV, the PBS affiliate in Los Angeles. He eventually rose to Senior Producer of Promotions and Marketing Productions. In August of 2007, exactly 10 years after he began at KCET, Dan decided to start a new adventure. He packed up and moved to the island of Maui with his wife and daughter, where he landed a producing job for the island's visitor channel.

Dan's technical knowledge includes both Mac and PC, Final Cut Pro and Avid, as well as Adobe's Creative Suite of Products. He also has highly-developed skills in the areas of promotions and marketing, which will help Mesh Media LLC become a leader in marketing for Maui's small business community.

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