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Message in a Bottle Productions is a full service video production company located in Memphis, TN. Our team of creative professionals strive to bring your story to life with every project we create.
We specialize in:

Wedding Videography,

Corporate Videos,

Web Site Videos,

Local and National Commercial Work,

Motion Graphics,

3D Logos,

Video Conversion,

and more.

People ask all the time about our name. Wouldn't it be cool to find a bottle washed up on shore with film inside instead of a written message? Isn't the medium of film and video a great way to tell a story? That is what we try and capture at Message in a Bottle Productions. We take every story, every nuance, every detail and create memories, advertisements, and graphics that tell your story.

Message in a Bottle Productions has been creating modern, dymanic video for all ranges of clients for the last 6 years. We have grown to understand what our clients are looking for in the video productions and we know how to deliver top quality products. Our large corporate clients have allowed us to acquire top of the line HD Video equipment to create your video idea in Full HD quality and our experienced videographers know how to add style, value, and current video trends to your projects to accelerate your goals.

-Justin - Owner, Videographer, Editor

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