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Metro Films is a Warsaw-based independent production company, founded in 1997 by two producers; Jacek Kucharski and Marcin Wierzchosławski. Drawing on their vast experience in film and television, Metro produces films in all formats and genres. Until the end of 2004, the main business of the company was advertising. Since then, documentaries and feature films have become an important part of the company’s activity. Metro Films focuses on both artistically and commercially driven projects.

Metro’s film department oversees many projects at various stages of production – feature length films, animation projects, documentaries and shorts.

The commercials division has an extensive history of producing memorable and acclaimed television campaigns, for global and national brands.

On this website you can find a selection of our production from the years 1997-2011. We put the older and more recent tv commercials, movie trailers and promotional videos.

We hope you'll enjoy it.

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