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Mette Sterre is a visual artist mainly focussing on costume design, performance and lens based media.

Her work deals with the grotesque: the world of topsy-turvy, the uncanny and the paradox.

Inspired by the repetitive patterns in nature, sociology and cultural history in the field of horror movies, she currently focuses on the grotesque body.

By questioning what else a human being can represent besides the human form human, she questions the stigmatisation of difference, questioning the social construction of identity by blurring the boundaries between the inanimate and the animate, genders and object and subject. She does this by creating sculptural costumes, giving birth to new forms of living beings.
The costumes of these anti-characters are made out of unusual materials like ceramics, rubber bands or animal prosthetics. She works on the border of theatre and live art, bringing the sculptures to life in a performance where light, music and setting play an important role to support their context and loose narratives.

Even though it's a surrealistic world she creates, it actually signifies inter-human relationships. She wants to confront the viewer with ambiguous perspectives on our society, opposing to the western social and economics structures.
While using attraction by repulsion, the power of humour and craftsmanship, she lures the viewer into her work.

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