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  1. 30:22

    Trinity Ordona, San Francisco 2012 - Visibility Project

    by Mia Nakano & Visibility Project

    11 Videos

    I met Trinity at the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance conference in 2012, where she was one of the speakers at the opening Plenary. During that session, Trinity said something incredibly…

  2. 16:19

    Kay, New Jersey, Visibility Project (May, 2012)

    by Mia Nakano & Visibility Project

    9 Videos

    Kay is an award winning spoken word artist, educator, and poet. It only took two years of co-ordination for this particular shoot to happen, but it was well worth the wait. K. talks about transitions,…

  3. 09:05

    Laurent, Philadelphia - Visibility Project (2012)

    by Mia Nakano & Visibility Project

    7 Videos

    The Visibility Project ( traveled to Philadelphia during May of 2012, and was sponsored by Hotpot! and Laurent is one of the steering committee members. Laurent is a phenomenal…

  4. 24:26

    Marsha Aizumi, Los Angeles - Visibility Project (2012)

    by Mia Nakano & Visibility Project

    7 Videos

    An interview with author, activist, mother of a trans child, and parent powerhouse...Marsha Aizumi. She welcomed me into her home and sat down to talk a little bit about the history of her work,…

  5. 08:51

    Marsha & Aiden Aizumi

    by Mia Nakano & Visibility Project

    3 Videos

    A Mother & Son interview, the first of it's kind for the Visibility Project: A national portrait + video project of/by Queer Asian American Women, Trans, and Genderqueer folks, the Visibility…

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