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Native Californian living in LA

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Michael Arlen was a pioneer in the sales automation, desktop publishing and the e-commerce revolutions. Early adoption of those technologies greatly empowered and enriched him and those in his company.

While at the helm of Arlen Advertising, Michael enjoyed near “rock star status” while touring the globe, speaking at Ad Industry and Technology Conferences and making money in the advertising and publishing businesses. Quick to spot and seize opportunities, Michael forged strategic partnerships everywhere he went. And, in its heyday, the sun never set on Arlen Advertising! It prospered even during recessionary times in the US, with offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico City.

Michael Arlen graduated Loyola Law School with a Juris Doctorate and UCLA with a BA in Anthropology. He’s fluent in English, Spanish & Portuguese; knows a smattering of other languages and has a loyal following that spans the globe.

For more see: MichaelArlen.com

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