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Michael Courouleau is an environmental and safety professional with extensive experience in industrial safety. In his current position as a specialist with Industrial Safety & Health, Michael Courouleau conducts safety audits and industrial hygiene consulting for clients. It’s a position that allows him to put his years of experience to good use.

Michael Courouleau prepared for his career with an education in occupational health. He obtained his Masters of Science in Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental Management from Columbia Southern University. Prior to attending Columbia, Michael Courouleau earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Orleans, where he studied pre-med with an emphasis on biology.

Once his education was complete, Michael Courouleau worked as production and safety lead at Cargill in Westwego, Louisiana. In this capacity, Michael Courouleau was responsible for scheduling, training, and motivating more than 100 workers, including contractors, in their day-to-day responsibilities. There, Michael Courouleau also conducted confined space entry (CSE) and rescue training, assisting workers who are required to work in confined spaces or as part of a technical rescue team.

Later, Michael Courouleau moved on to a position with Cargill in Oklahoma City. During his time there, he worked as a plant manager associate and safety lead, where he led safety presentations, improved ergonomics, and eliminated OSHA non-compliance issues. In 2008, Michael Courouleau left Cargill to join Gulf Environmental Science and Technologies, where he collected, documented, and prepared all field samples for lab analysis shipment.
In addition to his experience in safety and implementing best practices procedures, Michael Courouleau also possesses expertise in the areas of incident investigation, maximizing profits, and team leadership. He excels at working with clients and team members, believing good communication is essential in implementing any new process.

Michael Courouleau has led a number of educational presentations, with an emphasis on injury prevention and safety. Michael Courouleau also facilitates workshops on Safe Start, one of the most prominent safety training programs in the country. This program, according to Michael Courouleau, has been proven to reduce injuries by as much as 70 percent in less than a year and a half.

Another area of training for Michael Courouleau is behavior-based safety. Behavior-based safety requires studying current behaviors at length to determine areas that could be made safer. In order for behavior-based safety programs to truly find success, everyone in an organization must sign on to the program, from the CEO down, according to Courouleau. Individual leaders must be trained on ways that processes can be improved to make the workplace safer for everyone.

Michael Courouleau lives near New Orleans where he works diligently to learn everything he can about workplace safety in order to pass that information on to his colleagues and clients.

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