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Charlotte, NC

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As an editor and proofreader, I've ensured clear, error-free materials since 1999. I'm also a published author, a reading junkie, a bicycle nut, an avid hiker, and an NFL addict. My lovely wife is from Australia and our Calico cat is from Hong Kong. I bring home the best souvenirs.

I was a purchasing manager and technical editor for an Engineering/R&D firm for eight years before moving to China in 1999 and creating MichaelEdits.com. Prior to that I was a computer programmer, military electronics specialist, hog farmer and repo man.

I spent six years teaching English in China, five years as a medical lecturer in Thailand, and one year in Vietnam continuing to grow my business. In those 12 years, I traveled everywhere by bicycle, so returning to North Carolina in 2011 included remembering how to drive.

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