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knoxville, tn

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I am a Communication Design grad of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. I really like print and web but would love to get my hand dirtier in Motion Graphics and maybe directing ‘cause I really have this passion for movies, television and such… and I feel like that is a good fit for me since directing wise I don't think I can do any worse than most of the people doing it. I am currently learning the ways of Maya and Cinema 4D, as well as Video Co-Pilot's Elements and Z-Brush because I want to and also that is where I feel comfortable.

I also enjoy music (really dig going to live shows), cooking, reading, art, design, playing video games, Batman lore, traveling, photography (held my own and then some in studio courses in college) and gearing up for any possible Lovecraft-like apocalypses.

My favorite material things: After Effects (and most everything else Motion wise), PS3 (Arkham rules), Wii, all my Apple products, my cameras, my car (worked two jobs plus college to pay for it), my Batman comics/collectables, Star Wars toys and all my cool T-Shirts.

(A few) Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Arrested Development, Dexter, Spaced, The Prisoner (cannot wait for the AMC take), Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Star Wars (the originals BEFORE all the CG and prequel stuff), anything by Whedon, Kubrick, Nolan and Hitchcock. Also love horror movies, the older the better or anthologies.

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