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The Michael Jackson Tribute Band, since 2008
The Smooth Criminals is currently the only band who is able
to recreate the King of Pop's same atmosphere, feelings and
emotional impact while performing.
Nine artists (among whom we find one the most popular
impersonators in Italy), videos, coreographies and fireworks
are the key to the successful and one-of-a-kind shows
where MJ's best songs are played just like he had performed
them in his long career.
Vittorio Masullo (MJ's impersonator) is probably the only Italian
impersonator who perfectly combines MJ's singing and dancing abilities by
using the same coreographies, the same look and the same movements,
including MJ's most popular special effect: the 45 degree lean.
The band's line up also includes two other professional dancers, big time
fans of MJ's style, as well as seven musicians whose care and expertise give
life to the typical Jackson sound.
An unforgettable show! The Smooth Criminals excite the most passionate
fans and strike those who have just recently approached MJ's music.
A show which brings back to life a dream, a stunning tribute to the King of
Pop, a one-of-a-kind experience!

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