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Michael Maes is a wildlife filmmaker, specialized in big animals and animal behavior. His portfolio (both underwater and topside) covers the polar regions, temperate waters and the tropics. He has a passionate interest for polar bears and Arctic whales.

Though stemming from a past in IT, he passionately diversified to cinematography in 2012.
His work has been broadcast on national television, Nat Geo Wild, Outside Television, CBC and received recognition at various international film festivals.

Michael recognized the impact of storytelling through pictures and film and uses this platform to create awareness of the remarkable wildlife realm to the broad public. At the heart of his films is showing people the beauty and fragility of this blue planet, from the depths of the warm waters to the white vastness of the polar regions.
Michael produces films with integrity, serving to both educate and inform the general public about environmental issues dear to him.

Michael was part of the Arctic expedition “Elysium – Artists for the Arctic”. This scientific expedition; documenting the effects of climate change; sailed under ‘Flag 101’ of the renowned Explorers Club.

In 2015 Michael was inducted as cinematographer in the Ocean Artists Society (oceanartistssociety.org), an organization uniting artists worldwide to raise awareness and protect the marine environment through art.
Michael is also a founding Navigator of the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (reefresearch.org), a leading scientific research center in the Caribbean focusing on coral reef restoration, research on coral resilience, and ocean education.

Michael recently finished a feature documentary, Epiphany (epiphany.movie), a story about shark conservation, autism, conquering fears and reinventing life.

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