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Michael Maes is a renowned wildlife filmmaker. He specializes in filming big animals. Michael’s portfolio expands into wildlife filming of the (polar) arctic region- with a special interest in polar bears. Whilst, Michael embraces documenting the wildlife throughout Antartica; he continues to explore the depths of the ocean.
Originally from Belgium, Michael relocated to Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands in 2008. The call for nature, wildlife and the ocean was what attracted him and his family to this Caribbean pearl. In 2011, Michael’s wife, Ellen (renowned underwater photographer – ellencuylaerts.com) challenged him to get back into the water, and explore the underwater world bestowed before them. Michael’s new found dedication for diving was life changing. He advanced from Master Scuba Diver to Scuba Instructor. His inspiration to film his dives stems from the simple wish to bring an iPhone underwater. He began filming his dives with a Go Pro camera and has finessed his cinematic technique. Michael’s strong work ethic and commitment to his craft, has allowed him to address environmental issues through film. He recognizes the impact storytelling through pictures and film has, and uses this platform to create awareness of the remarkable underwater world to the general public.
Michael’s films have received various awards from international film festivals. His success is due to the high quality of production and ability to translate the reality of environmental issues, onto the screen. At the forefront of his films, is showing the land-world the beauty of what lies beneath and its fragility. Michael takes pride in producing films with integrity, serving to both educate and inform the general public about environmental issues dear to his heart. Currently, Michael has a documentary about shark conservation in development.

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