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Los Angeles, CA

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One of my first loves is music, and one of my true loves is art. What better way to bring them together than video?

I grew up with music surrounding me; uniquely, I was only encompassed in practicing and performing. I never listened to music or had a favorite band until my last year in high school when I began listening to movie scores. This is when I began developing a love for composition. As I went through college my love for composing stuck, and I have been developing it ever since.

During this time, I also stumbled onto another love--painting. This is where my creative identity really started blooming. I have been painting ever since that first drawing class, and now you can explore in my art @ michaelnauert.com

I envision myself making art that involves all five senses. This is why I'm exploring video. It's a medium I can use to incorporate sound and visual aspects of art along with the past memories of the viewers which incorporates the rest of the five senses. After that, I create to create. It is a love that I will always carry. I hope you enjoy!

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