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I am Michael and I was born in the early seventies. I live in the south of Germany
near Lake Constance. I have begun my work in the IT business in 1995, after a
few years I stumbled over some 3D Programs, Photoshop and Corel-Draw and
I found it to be more fun for me to work creatively instead of building computers
and administrate computer networks. Sure I had to continue my work as IT-Nerd
because I had to make money. But I always worked on my skills as a digital artist.
Nowadays I ‘am able to live on my creativity and it feels much better. I am doing a
lot in the stock photo business like Shutterstock, Fotolia, Dreamtimes and iStockphoto.
And meantime I am stumbling nearly every day over an image I created in the internet.
And that is a really cool feeling.

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