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While he's studying the piano back in 1997, Michael Perfect (Akanjee / Michael Weidner) is already secretly composing his first electronic pieces, away from the watchful eyes of his suspicious professors. Multi-task artist and composer, he performs with electronic trio Alienhearts from 2006 to 2009, playing in nice clubs and parties in France, including Elektro System (Lyon), OPA (Paris), Goliath (Switzerland). His sound bounces back and forth between aggressive efficient tunes, and powerful uplifting progressions. "All I want, is to make people's brain come all over themselves", he says, never satisfied and always trying to find new ways to make people yell stuff and spill their drinks !

Also co-host of the twisted radio show LiveMix, he is a video enthusiast and directed a series for TV in France in 2004 (Potes 7) and a number of short films (Luchon festival selection, MTV UK, Dailymotion homepage, Koinup/Orange selection...) Also if you speak french, don't forget to check out "DJ Life", a concept of short crazy videos about DJing and nightlife people (co-initiated with Steven K.). (bio by Stanley Volsenvig)

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