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Born in Sunderland, educated at Bede Grammar School for Boys, married, divorced, married total of 5 children and three granddaughters. The majority of my working life has been spent working for Drilling Contractors in Oil Exploration, during which I have had the pleasure and privilege of working all over the world, Norway, Saudi, Algeria, Pakistan, China, USA, Korea and Singapore to name a few.
Fortunate in having some really good friends that despite my long absences always profess pleasure in seeing me again. Two of which I have to thank for sparking my interest and encouraging me to have a go at video. One of them goes by the tag Funky Monkey and the other Lawrence Crosthwaite who unfortunately hasn’t as yet joined the Vimeo family.


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  1. Philip Nice work, I have just ordered the Phantom 3 Professional now just have to wait the 4-5 weeks for delivery. I guess it will be a while before I can fly it as well as you do.