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Michelle is best known for playing Bruce Lee’s wife in, “THE LEGEND OF BRUCE LEE.” The fifty episode TV series airs internationally and was released by Lionsgate as a three hour film. As a BLACK BELT in Wushu, Michelle got the opportunity to train with the Chinese stunt crew during the six months of filming. Always up for an adventure, Michelle continues to train and do her own stunts, as well as doubling for commercials like, “Levi’s” and TV shows like, “Deadliest Warriors.”

In a non-action related project: Michelle acted in the 2012 feature film, “Lost on Purpose.” She leads along side Jane Kaczmarek, C. Thomas Howell, James Lafferty, Dale Dickey, and Octavia Spencer. The slice-of-life inde film is slated to break out this coming year!

Gifted in comedy, Michelle has landed roles in Reno 911: Miami, Date Movie, Disaster Movie, Epic Movie, and Vampires Suck. She's also worked on Star Trek and stars in upcoming feature films "33 Griffin Lane" and "Zombie TV."

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