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  1. 15:42

    Cody Pendant

    by Michelle C. Torres-Grant

    5 Videos

    The singing cowboy from Paso Robles!

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  3. 12:09

    Love in the Circus

    by Michelle C. Torres-Grant

    3 Videos

    Love my niece and her band! Check them out on their official band site: http://www.loveinthecircus.com/ Love in the Circus on ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/loveinthecircus

  4. 01:06:23

    Próxima Parada

    by Michelle C. Torres-Grant

    0 Videos

    Próxima Parada is a relatively new band (as of late 2011) comprised of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students and alumni. They are one of my favorite local bands to see perform live playing a wide…

  5. 26:16

    St. Vincent Folk (Vincent Bernardy)

    by Michelle C. Torres-Grant

    4 Videos

    Vincent Bernardy playing with various artists at various venues on the California Central Coast. Check out his web site! http://stvincentfolk.com/ The Sanitarium Music Nights are organized by Vincent…

  6. 29:28


    by Michelle C. Torres-Grant

    5 Videos

    "An Architect, a violinist, a craftsman, a poet, and an Egyptian Shaman make up TROPO, a LIVE ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC (EDM) group from the central coast of California." (TROPO on ReverbNation:…

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